The CS5218 is a single port HDMI/DVI Level Shifter/Repeater with re-timing. It supports AC and DC coupled TMDS signals up to 3.0-Gbps operation with programmable equalization and jitter cleaning. It includes Type 2 Dual-Mode DP Cable Adaptor registers which can be used to identify the cable adaptor’s capabilities. The jitter cleaning PLL can better meet HDMI jitter compliance for higher data rates. Device operation and configuration can be realized through pin settings or I2C bus. Automatic power down and squelch provide flexible power management.


  • Compliant to HDMI 1.4b specification up to 3.0Gbps

  • Supports 4K x 2K & 3D video formats over HDMI

  • AC coupling capable for level shifting

  • DC coupling capable for repeating

  • Programmable receiver equalization to compensate for PCB and/or connector losses

  • Jitter Cleaning PLL for best compliance

  • Superior Intra-pair and Inter-pair de-skewing

  • Built-in DDC Active buffering Side-band Signals

  • Programmable TMDS output pre-emphasis

  • Automatic power down management

  • Automatic squelch for fail-safe and power management

  • Type 2 Dual-Mode DP Cable Adaptor registers accessible by I2C-over-AUX or DDC

  • Built-in AUX to I2C bridge to support AUX-only GPU

  • Low power consumption

  • Pin control mode or I2C control mode for flexibility