The CS5211 is an eDP to LVDS converter with flexible configuration for the low-cost display system. CS5211 is compliant with eDP 1.2 and supports 1 lane and 2 lanes mode at 1.62Gbps and 2.7Gbps per lane speed. With powerful SerDes technology, CS5211 can recover high-speed serial data with a low bit error rate. CS5211 LVDS transmitter supports single port and two ports mode. The maximum resolution supported by CS5211 is WUXGA (1920x1200). With 4 configuration pins, CS5211 can support 16 combinations for different panel resolution and LVDS working mode with one EEPROM image. A convenient tool is also provided to edit, generate and update EEPROM image for customized configuration. With optimized design, the usage of CS5211 is apt to save the BoM cost. The clock source is integrated into this chip, so the external crystal can be saved; with wide range power supporting (1.8 ~ 1.2V for core power), power device on board could be saved; the total power of CS5211 is less than 300mW, so the power supply network design could be simplified. It is easy to integrate the CS5211 to a popular low-cost display system.


  • 2-lane DisplayPort v1.2 compliant receiver

  • Support 18-bit Single Port, 18-bit Dual Port, 24-bit Single Port and 24-bit Dual Port LVDS output Support both OpenLDI and SPWG bit mapping for LVDS application

  • Embedded oscillator and there’s no need for the external crystal

  • Embedded linear dropout regulator (LDO)

  • On chip MCU

  • Support panel select by GPIO pins control

  • Loads Boot ROM automatically upon power up

  • Serial Boot ROM data updated through I2C bus or AUX Channel

  • Automatically chip power mode control.

  • EMI reduction for both eDP and LVDS

  • Wide core power ranges from 1.8V to 1.2V.

  • 68-pin QFN package.

  • HBM 4KV